9/7 Save SF Bike Campaign Kick-off Event

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Formed last year to uphold SF Bicycle Coalition members’ right to vote for their Board of Directors, Save SF Bike remains committed to a democratic and representative SF Bicycle Coalition. Learn more about the Save SF Bike platform and connect with board candidates who support preserving member voting rights at this upcoming social hour! If you’re a prospective SFBC board member interested in being endorsed by Save SF Bike, learn about our platform and drop by!

Save SF Bike Campaign Kick-off Event
September 7 @ 6:30 – 8:30pm

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Last year, Save SF Bike worked hard to ensure that members retained their place at the heart of our Bike Coalition. Our work to keep the Bike Coalition democratic and reinvigorate this great organization we’re all committed to continues this year with the upcoming board of directors election.

What’s Next?

  • Get ready to vote for new Bike Coalition Board members! This fall, members will vote on electing eight of the fifteen members of the SFBC Board of Directors. If you’re considering running for the board and you support our platform, fill out this form to become a Save SF Bike candidate!
  • If you’re not currently a Bike Coalition member, please renew your membership today in order to be eligible to vote in the upcoming election.
  • And then add your name to our list of supporters using the form below and help us spread the word. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Share our website and social media with your friends, fellow members and Bike Coalition staff, Board and partners. We’ll be in touch as the election draws closer about more ways to get involved.

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